Winter break recap

So, winter break comes to an end today. I have to say this has been my one of my worse breaks. I was sick with the flu for most of it. Totally not cool. The last few days I’ve been healthy, which has been nice, though.

I did do some fun stuff over break, regardless. I read a lot about Java and made a couple toy programs. I read a little bit about C#. I worked part time. I learned a bit of German. I made progress on the scarf I am knitting. All good stuff.

Yesterday my parents and I went to my dorm and rearranged stuff a bit. We lofted the bed and moved the desk to be by it. The fridge and the dresser and now next to each on the wall by the door, and the hutch is up on the desk for this semester. With three of us, we made quick work of it, although as my Dad said at one point, “I’m doing my best to stay out of the way.” In such a tiny space, it was hard to have 3 people working on stuff, so my Dad mostly sat around. However, his help was invaluable when it came to lofting the bed, so I was glad he came along.

This morning, I need to pack up my stuff, and then I’ll probably head out to my dorm late morning or early afternoon. I will definitely take my classical guitar which I am learning to play, as well as a music stand for holding my method books. I am looking forward to being back in the dorm, surprisingly. Classes start Monday!

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