October 2023

You will never know me, and I will turn to stone

Behind death walks skeletons. Every skeleton. None escape.
All do the only thing they can — follow death.

Forever walking the endless roads, the same roads on which we walk today.
That is the only path.

We may delude ourselves, but we all will end up in the crowd — skeletons, following death.
Until humanity is a whisper of a memory of what once was and what will never be again.

It all ends the same.

But does it matter? Do we matter? Do I matter? Do you?

Death doesn’t care.
We don’t care.

We make of it what we do, and then it is over.

We are real.

Consigned to the army of death, we have one chance.
One life. One world.

Be real.


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Afraid to Sleep

When you’re afraid to sleep because of what you’ll learn
Anything would be better
Than knowing
But not being able to say a word to anyone
Without forgetting everything.

I don’t know if they are who they say they are or if all this time I’ve been on the wrong side.

They won’t let me know.

Once you connect, there is no disconnecting.

I don’t think I can do this anymore, but I know I have no choice.

And I won’t remember anything. Again.

This will make no sense.

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I can either look death in the face,
Fearful and screaming on my way out,

Or let it stay at my back:
A wise advisor,
Always reminding me
And there is still time.

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I am neither more nor less than I was yesterday
And neither more nor less that I will be tomorrow.
The only change is constant; the only constant is change.

Watching. Waiting. Wishing. Willing. Awakening.
Eyes can only open so wide.

Who am I to judge?
Thank time.

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