This is a duet for violin and cello. I started writing this in 2016 when I was taking composition lessons. My teacher asked me to come up with a melody and write a counterpoint for it. My first try wasn’t very good, so she helped me write the first part of the counterpoint (the cello part).

Years later, I revisited the song and decided to revive it. On piano, I worked out the melody and what I remembered of the counterpoint to the first part, which my teacher helped me write. This is very similar to that version, but there are a few slight changes. I then reworked the melody to be easier to write counterpoint for the rest of it and finally worked out a new counterpoint for the rest of it. It only took me 7 years.

I continue to have melodies come to me, and I sing them into my phone if I like them. At times, I turn them into simple songs for piano or cello that I play in the privacy of my home. Once in a while, I work one up and turn it into a composition for multiple instruments. I use Finale as my composition software, and the ones I post here are the playback using Garritan virtual instruments.

I find great joy and satisfaction from this process when I am able to engage in it.

Image by MrsKirk72 from Pixabay

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