the freeze

the freeze

the air above cools my flow
i feel it beginning
as my song begins to slow
my voice fades to a whisper
and the snow begins to fall.

i expand in icy structure
each crystal set so perfect
forms a shield around the heart
of life below so far from still.

you may think i am not here
flat land with a frosting top
shout my name, i cannot answer
feel free to dash across
on your way back to the warmth.

there is no fear in silence
my fate has long been set
a torch would last but seconds
do not bother, I am fine.

for soon the sun can rise
and with its bright gentle shaking
the lattice breaks
and I will sing once more.

please forgive my absence
– it is just the way –
i may be cold
but I cannot die.

Oh, to never freeze again.

–from the mouth of the Red Cedar, translated by lisa

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