Recording time, New Kindle, Internships

Over Thanksgiving, I recorded versions of 12 tracks for my new CD of original solo cello music. I have about 6 more to go before I’ll be done. Recording in my Dad’s studio went really well. I’m still adjusting to the new cello bow I bought from Shar, so it took a little longer to get everything sounding the way I wanted it to. There are still a few little things I plan to fix up on the cuts I recorded for your listening pleasure!

Recording really forces me to focus on the music to get it to sound just right. I did a little bit of last minute composing on a couple of the pieces before we started. Wanderlest (I changed the name from Wanderlust for the CD) needed a new ending, as I had ended it in my previous version by going into another song. So I wrote a nice exciting ending, with some cool chords at the end.

I am so swamped with projects and homework for the end of the semester right now that I won’t have a chance to record again until the winter break. In the mean time, I am listening to my previous recordings of the other songs so I still have them in my mind when it comes time to record.

I just bought a new Kindle fire, too! It is really nice. I’ve been reading on it and just love the interface. I hope to watch some movies on it soon too, and get some games. I was disappointed that it did not do flash, as I am hooked on a flash game on Facebook called Hidden Chronicles that uses flash. However, the games and apps store section looked pretty big, so I’m sure I’ll be able to find some fun stuff.

I have applied in a lot of places for internships now! I have my first interview next week with Google! I am excited and a little nervous. I hope it goes well!

I will end with a link to a cute kitty video that needs sharing:

All together now… Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!




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