“Who knows?”

So, I’ve not written many songs or poetry lately. But, the other day, after doing a five hour loving-kindness retreat the day before, the lyrics to this started coming to me while I was in the shower. I tried to ignore them at first, thinking, this is silly. Then I thought, why not have some fun. So, here is a silly song about who knows what.

I had fun coming up with the rhymes that day, although I can’t vouch for their originality. They worked in my song, too, at least, but I have no idea what part of the sky they fell out of. Today, I came up with variations on the melody for each of the verses. My kitty joined me during one of the choruses, which I thought was cute and didn’t edit out. He knows, too. Sometimes more than I do, for sure.

No one ever knows what to expect in Michigan weather. This year, February had some warm days in the high 60s, and now in March it is freezing. That explains the third verse; the rest I’ll let you figure out.

Here in the shower, spinning in circles,
Trying to warm myself up,
Skin like a raisin,
Eczema blazing,
Knock knock, I know, hurry up;
Knock knock, I know hurry up.

Oh, I know, oh, I know.
Oh, I know, oh, I know.

What do you say to the one who has nothing?
Wow, oh, I’m sorry, that sucks.
As they stare in dismay,
Try to hide the display,
Of your row of impeccable ducks;
Of your row of impeccable ducks.

Oh, you know, oh, you know.
Oh, you know, oh, you know.

February teased us, gratuitous temptress,
Soon spring would be singing along,
March hit us blindsided,
Our hopes are derided,
Icicle weather prolonged;
Icicle weather prolonged.

Oh, we know, oh, we know.
Oh, we know, oh we know.

Be a good hamster, run on your wheel,
Working so hard just to try,
But what is enchanted,
Yet can’t be decanted,
Open your heart to the sky;
Open your heart to the sky.

Oh, who knows, oh, who knows?
Oh, who knows, oh, who knows?

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