Here’s a new string quartet piece that I wrote this morning. It is called “Just Out of Reach.” Enjoy!

Just Out of Reach

Autumn River


20. May 2018 · 2 comments · Categories: Music

I woke up at 4 AM this morning with the beginnings of this new piece in my head. Unable to get back to sleep, I got up and put it into Finale.

Machu Picchu

I wrote a song this week for the first time in a very long time. It has lyrics, but this is an arrangement of it for piano quintet (piano + string quartet). It is called “I Tried.” Below is a recording followed by a video of the score with the recording playing, if you are curious what it looks like.

My inspiration for this piece is the way I feel when I try hard to do something and come so close but ultimately fail. It is about going on in the face of adversity — trying to keep myself caring despite feeling like fate is against me. The original lyrics reflect this. I may share/sing them someday.

26. January 2017 · 1 comment · Categories: Music

“We do what we must”. Written at 3 A.M. after waking up from a dream where I was becoming a bicycle.

What I remember

A new piece for string quartet.