Here is a new song, written a while ago, recorded on my brand new Blue Snowflake microphone, which I am quite happy with. Much better sound quality than my internal computer microphone and very easy to set up. Enjoy!

Here are 3 new songs, 2 for cello, one for voice. Recorded on my phone, edited with AVS.

Here’s the vocal piece, called, “A Nervous Sensation”

And one of the cello pieces, called, “Together”

And the last cello piece, “Validation”

This one is a little darker. Once again, from iPod, with added reverb. I’m really not sad or anything, I’ve just been writing dark songs. It is kind of an outlet for me. I hope you like it and don’t find it too creepy.

This is straight from my iPod with added reverb and no harmony. It is similar to the previous song; I also wrote this last night.


Here is a new song I wrote last night. The melody was recorded on my iPod, which has a decent microphone for a gadget, and the harmony was recorded on my computer, which has a lousy internal microphone, although I hope to remedy this soon (thank you, Santa…).