This, that, and the other thing, and oh, hey, I won a scholarship!

So I’ve been chilling over my break and doing a few things here and there before summer semester starts up. My knitting is coming along nicely. I’ve probably got about 20 inches on the scarf so far. I want to make it 4 ft long, so I’ll keep going at it. It is very satisfying to work on.

I find myself missing the rigor of CSE 335 from fall semester. That was one awesome course! I’ve done a bit of software design for work, and also on my own for some projects, so I’m still going at it, but I think I’ll try to take at least one course with Dr. Owen next year, as 335 was just too awesome.

So, I have several options. I’m not sure what he is teaching, yet. I know that I do want to take Networking with McKinley. That will be fall semester. Then capstone, either in the fall or spring. Probably spring. Then again, if I get it over with in the fall… I can take two courses with Owen in the spring! Or possibly one. That’s all I’d really need.

Exciting news: I have been selected as a Google Lime scholar for 2013!! This is a huge honor, and I am absolutely thrilled that I got it. I get to go to a retreat for scholars in July in New York City for 4 days. This will be totally awesome! I can’t wait.

Work is going well. The rename of my project resulted in some stuff breaking, but last day I worked I got it all restored to the point it was at before. Now it is time to test my project and work with my supervisor to get it working with the other programs already created. I’m very proud of what I accomplished this year at work.

In other news, I’m not currently planning to do an internship this summer. Instead, I will stay here and take classes, while living at (hopefully) Howland Cooperative. Howland is the most beautiful coop in the SHC, with gorgeous architecture and hard wood floors. The only thing that is a little odd about it is the shower room in the basement. Apparently everyone goes down there to shower, because on the 2nd and 3rd floor, there is no shower in the bathroom. My room will probably be on the second floor, so I’ll get to experience the joys of a co-ed shower room. That should be interesting. Summer is a great time on campus and I am really looking forward to getting back into the coops.

This morning I read a couple chapters from a book on C#. I want to make a to-do list type widget for Windows in C# over the next few weeks, so I’m brushing up and will do a bit of design for it today. It is fun to have a programming project to work on in my spare time!

This Saturday I’m going to a lunch at my adviser’s house. We have a get together at the end of the year (my women in computing group, that is) which I am really excited for. My adviser is so nice.

I haven’t been doing too much musically, lately, although I do plunk around on my classical guitar from time to time. I still plan to release my cello CD, but it is going to be rather delayed. I need to work up my repertoire again.

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