So it was you

So it was you.
I could never have guessed.
Suppose that’s what I get
For going places
I have no right to be.
I could be mad.
I could hate you.
You know I do not,
though perhaps
it would be better for you
if I did.

I am just sad.
A little for me,
some for you,
and more for them.

My eyes are open now.
If I retrace the path,
I know where it leads,
But what of the rest?

We are no more particles,
than we are waves.

Your form has collapsed.
Whatever that means,
I could not possibly begin
to know.

I do know you will never read this.
You have learned your lesson,
as I have mine.

You were cursed,
just like them,
and now you are gone.

You will not believe this,
but I was cursed too.
A different curse.
The curse of Uncertainty.
A gift from me alone,
to myself.

I fell in love
with the story.
It was never mine,
yet still to me it spoke.

I am so sorry,
that for you,
it was real.

If I could tell you one,
it would only be,
that You are forgiven.

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