the freeze

the freeze

the air above cools my flow
i feel it beginning
as my song begins to slow
my voice fades to a whisper
and the snow begins to fall.

i expand in icy structure
each crystal set so perfect
forms a shield around the heart
of life below so far from still.

you may think i am not here
flat land with a frosting top
shout my name, i cannot answer
feel free to dash across
on your way back to the warmth.

there is no fear in silence
my fate has long been set
a torch would last but seconds
do not bother, I am fine.

for soon the sun can rise
and with its bright gentle shaking
the lattice breaks
and I will sing once more.

please forgive my absence
– it is just the way –
i may be cold
but I cannot die.

Oh, to never freeze again.

–from the mouth of the Red Cedar, translated by lisa

“Let’s go on” – more fun with music

I hear there was a bit of confusion about my last post.. I actually did sing the song and put the video together. Here it is if you missed it the first time: “The Green Hills of Earth”

Making that was so much fun I just had to make another. Here’s the background:

A science fiction legend says that if a sentient being dies in hyperspace, part of its consciousness is preserved. A bit like a wooly mammoth in a tar pit. What is left of the being’s awareness vaguely perceives an abstraction of the Multiverse.

After the video starts playing, press the CC button in the bottom right corner on the left if you want to see the lyrics. These are my own lyrics this time.

And now, “Let’s go on.”