New music!

I have made a few more quick, messy recordings of my music that I will share here. These four are all solo cello. The last is a rather long, 4 part improvisation. It cuts off at the end, sorry about that. I may upload the full version when I have more time.

The first piece is Run right in.

Next, we have Waltze to the gate.

And now, Waldorf the Great.

Last, but not least, is the long but good one: Wanderlust. Sorry it cuts off at the end!

I will be recording a CD of some of my music this year. Consider these a sneak preview for those of you cool enough to read my website.

If you are curious how I composed these, here is a little insight. I get in the mood to make a piece. I might see my cello, and think, hmm.. I think I’ll write a piece for it. I then pick it up, adjust the bow, adjust the end pin, make sure I’m in tune, and then switch on the recorder on my iPod.

Then I start playing some open strings, and a few small forms and phrases that come into my head. Sometimes this is all that happens. Often, however, a large phrase or musical idea pops in, and I give it form as best I can.

The recordings you are listening to below are first recordings. This means I composed them right on the spot. That is why there are occasional hesitations, squawks, and out of tune bits, or parts when I might start singing along or such. This is all part of my creative process. When I make the CD, most of these artifacts will vanish, as by then I will have played the pieces several times and know the hard parts better.

I do not plan and write the music out first, as some composers do. I just “hear” the music internally while I am holding the instrument and play what comes to me.

Before I became a composer, I always wondered about how composers made their music. If you have that same curiosity, you now know how I do it. For now, at least. I have been known to put something together in Finale before, just to get an idea down. Now that I have a recorder, though, more and more I just will sing a tune if it comes into my head when I am not ready to compose.

“Let’s go on” – more fun with music

I hear there was a bit of confusion about my last post.. I actually did sing the song and put the video together. Here it is if you missed it the first time: “The Green Hills of Earth”

Making that was so much fun I just had to make another. Here’s the background:

A science fiction legend says that if a sentient being dies in hyperspace, part of its consciousness is preserved. A bit like a wooly mammoth in a tar pit. What is left of the being’s awareness vaguely perceives an abstraction of the Multiverse.

After the video starts playing, press the CC button in the bottom right corner on the left if you want to see the lyrics. These are my own lyrics this time.

And now, “Let’s go on.”