Month: December 2015

Better sounds – string orchestra, quartet pieces

I upgraded my Finale and got all sorts of neat new and better instrument sounds! Here are versions of the last two pieces I put up with the better sounds.

These are still very much works in progress, but it is cool hearing them with the new sound. I made a few small modifications, too. I’ve included the direct links this time to the files.

String orchestra piece, tentatively titled: Acorn Path


String quartet piece, tentatively titled: Icy Branch

String quartet pieces

I took the beginning of another piece I wrote (Woodland Dreams) that was a conglomeration of several of my shorter pieces and made two elaborations for string quartet.

The first contains everything up to and including the round. I initially wrote this beginning for string quartet as an intro to the round. This one is about two minutes long.


The second version only has the first two parts of the intro and then elaborates on those themes. It is also about two minutes long.