So, I wrote some liner notes / annotations for my album Wanderlest this morning, and wanted to share them on my website for those of you who have listened.

Check them out here.

And if you don’t have a copy of the physical disk yet but want one, use the contact form to reach me.

The woodlands

The woodlands

Me in my woodland dream

Me in my woodland dream

Here is a rough version of my Woodland Dreams Suite. The last movement may get an addition in the near future. This piece is several years in the making, and some of it may sound familiar to you from previous recordings. I’ve gotten inspiration from many sources. Enjoy.

Movement One

Movement Two

Movement Three

Close up of a branch

Close up of a branch

I’d rather freeze to death,

Than feel the warmth that once I felt,

The heat that I was dealt,

And which took away my breath.


I’d rather be bereft,

Than be the person who I was,

Who went along so just because,

She knew there was nothing left.


I’d rather be forgot,

Than immerse myself in sorrow,

As if there’d be tomorrow,

To find what I have not.


I’d rather be a ghost,

Than admit that I have failed,

That my train had long derailed,

And I lost what I want most.


Yes, I’d rather freeze and die,

Than step into the fire,

And face my deep desire,

That makes me want to cry.

I wrote this song back in 2011. Here is an arrangement of it for cello, piano, and voice.

This song came to me one morning when I woke up in my basement apartment after having been feeling angry and resentful the night before and realized that I needed to let go of those feelings, forgive, and move on.

The first verse I wrote while asleep. The other verses I wrote today for the purposes of this recording.

Oh product of my savage mind,

I let you live, I’ll let you die,

And if you want a different way,

You’ll have to find another day.


Oh haunted halls that hold my soul,

So lost to time, and yet so full,

The brightest future will be near,

As when we overcome our fear.


Oh splendid day, oh rapturous night,

To know that what I did was right,

My destiny may be unsure,

But of myself, I know I’m pure.


Oh product of my savage mind,

I let you live, I’ll let you die,

And if you want a different way,

You’ll have to find another day.

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Here is a recording of me singing The Dark Island, a melody by Iain MacLachlan. The lyrics to this version of The Dark Island were written by Stewart Ross in 1963.

I discovered to my surprise when I went to look up the lyrics to the the tune I’d learned on cello many years before that there were 2 sets of lyrics to the song. This set I first heard sung by Calum Kennedy and Fiona Kennedy on YouTube.

Here is a recording of me singing the other version, with lyrics by David Silver.

I really like this song so I wanted to record myself singing it in both of its forms.