I am writing a piano quintet called: Never Alone

It is still a work in progress. It is based on a piano piece I wrote about a year ago but never recorded or put on my website.

I’ve written another string quartet piece. Still a work in progress — with all of these, feel free to comment and suggest ways to improve them. Tentatively titled: Waterfall

I really like writing string quartets pieces!

I put this together this morning. Work in progress. Using its old title, Together. (The opening phrase I recorded a while back on cello and called it “Together”.)


Another work in progress for string quartet, tentatively titled: Ebony


I upgraded my Finale and got all sorts of neat new and better instrument sounds! Here are versions of the last two pieces I put up with the better sounds.

These are still very much works in progress, but it is cool hearing them with the new sound. I made a few small modifications, too. I’ve included the direct links this time to the files.

String orchestra piece, tentatively titled: Acorn Path


String quartet piece, tentatively titled: Icy Branch