I have found that over breaks in school, it is really nice to have a project to work on. This year I am thinking I will make some programs in C# and .NET on my Windows machine. It has been a very long time since I have used Visual Studio, so this should be a treat.

I am currently in the brainstorming ideas phase of the project; hopefully I’ll have a bit of a plan by the time break starts. I will probably do a few test programs, like, hello world, maybe implement an algorithm or two, and see about user interface designing and such, and then I will go about making some cool programs.

My current ideas are utilities for the Windows desktop. Possibly Widgets. I am considering making something to organize the desktop icons into groups, or implement a tabbed desktop sort of system, or multiple desktop interface.

I am also considering making something for the Emotiv Epoc, the EEG headset that you put on your head and then it reads your brain waves to control the computer. I think I would start with a simple launcher type utility, that can be used to make launching programs using the head set easier than controlling the mouse with head movements and clicking on the icons. I am thinking something like a gaze analysis box, that based on where you look can select one of several prearranged applications to launch.

With this, I could also have the application slots automatically populated using a determination of which applications are most frequently run when the head set is in use.

Just some ideas. One of these breaks I want to get to learning Java, too, but I think I’ll save that for a different one.

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Quick, messy recordings. On my iPod. Enjoy!

First, Duet for Refrigerator and Cello

Second, Of Course

So it was you.
I could never have guessed.
Suppose that’s what I get
For going places
I have no right to be.
I could be mad.
I could hate you.
You know I do not,
though perhaps
it would be better for you
if I did.

I am just sad.
A little for me,
some for you,
and more for them.

My eyes are open now.
If I retrace the path,
I know where it leads,
But what of the rest?

We are no more particles,
than we are waves.

Your form has collapsed.
Whatever that means,
I could not possibly begin
to know.

I do know you will never read this.
You have learned your lesson,
as I have mine.

You were cursed,
just like them,
and now you are gone.

You will not believe this,
but I was cursed too.
A different curse.
The curse of Uncertainty.
A gift from me alone,
to myself.

I fell in love
with the story.
It was never mine,
yet still to me it spoke.

I am so sorry,
that for you,
it was real.

If I could tell you one,
it would only be,
that You are forgiven.

A video by me and my dear friend Charlie Bleisch. Check out his website at pipelore.com

Throw off your leashes
of guilt and shame.

Streak through the meadow.

Scream your name.