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Quick, messy recordings. On my iPod. Enjoy!

First, Duet for Refrigerator and Cello

Second, Of Course

So it was you.
I could never have guessed.
Suppose that’s what I get
For going places
I have no right to be.
I could be mad.
I could hate you.
You know I do not,
though perhaps
it would be better for you
if I did.

I am just sad.
A little for me,
some for you,
and more for them.

My eyes are open now.
If I retrace the path,
I know where it leads,
But what of the rest?

We are no more particles,
than we are waves.

Your form has collapsed.
Whatever that means,
I could not possibly begin
to know.

I do know you will never read this.
You have learned your lesson,
as I have mine.

You were cursed,
just like them,
and now you are gone.

You will not believe this,
but I was cursed too.
A different curse.
The curse of Uncertainty.
A gift from me alone,
to myself.

I fell in love
with the story.
It was never mine,
yet still to me it spoke.

I am so sorry,
that for you,
it was real.

If I could tell you one,
it would only be,
that You are forgiven.

A video by me and my dear friend Charlie Bleisch. Check out his website at pipelore.com

Throw off your leashes
of guilt and shame.

Streak through the meadow.

Scream your name.

Common Sense

Where did I put those darn tomatoes?
Don’t tell me Joe left them at Plato’s.

The Day glows,
upon your nose,
but you keep it from dripping on your clothes,

Leave me here, but please regret the circumstance.

Land the boat upon the iron castle florist if you must –
It never fails to resuscitate a dust cloth.

If the lemmings learn to sail,
do commence,
to give them,
Common Sense.