08. May 2014 · 1 comment · Categories: Music, Voice

Here is a recording of me singing The Dark Island, a melody by Iain MacLachlan. The lyrics to this version of The Dark Island were written by Stewart Ross in 1963.

I discovered to my surprise when I went to look up the lyrics to the the tune I’d learned on cello many years before that there were 2 sets of lyrics to the song. This set I first heard sung by Calum Kennedy and Fiona Kennedy on YouTube.

Here is a recording of me singing the other version, with lyrics by David Silver.

I really like this song so I wanted to record myself singing it in both of its forms.



I recorded this in GarageBand, and then the hard drive got corrupted. I rescued my data with a Knoppix disk (thank you, Linux gods) and am reinstalling now. But wanted to share what I made this morning. Hope you like it. I have another song on piano I want to record soon, too, so expect that soon.

Wrote this yesterday morning. Put it together in Garageband this morning. Hope you like it!

More with Garageband. This song I wrote several years ago, but this is the first time I’ve put a version together with the base line that I wanted with it. Garageband made it very easy to do. It even let me quantize to a swing beat like I wanted. I’m really liking Garageband.

Here is another new song, written to test out more of the loops in Garageband. It was fun to make!