More with Garageband. This song I wrote several years ago, but this is the first time I’ve put a version together with the base line that I wanted with it. Garageband made it very easy to do. It even let me quantize to a swing beat like I wanted. I’m really liking Garageband.

Here is another new song, written to test out more of the loops in Garageband. It was fun to make!

Here is a new song I recorded in Garageband on my Mac with my new Blue Snowflake microphone. I played around with adding a beat and guitar as well, using loops from Garageband. It was quite fun! I’m waiting for the full set of loops from Garageband to download now so in the future I can use more.

And here is a version with added synth. Which version do you like better?

Here is a new song, written a while ago, recorded on my brand new Blue Snowflake microphone, which I am quite happy with. Much better sound quality than my internal computer microphone and very easy to set up. Enjoy!

Here are 3 new songs, 2 for cello, one for voice. Recorded on my phone, edited with AVS.

Here’s the vocal piece, called, “A Nervous Sensation”

And one of the cello pieces, called, “Together”

And the last cello piece, “Validation”