Wrote this yesterday morning. Put it together in Garageband this morning. Hope you like it!

More with Garageband. This song I wrote several years ago, but this is the first time I’ve put a version together with the base line that I wanted with it. Garageband made it very easy to do. It even let me quantize to a swing beat like I wanted. I’m really liking Garageband.

Here is another new song, written to test out more of the loops in Garageband. It was fun to make!

Here is a new song I recorded in Garageband on my Mac with my new Blue Snowflake microphone. I played around with adding a beat and guitar as well, using loops from Garageband. It was quite fun! I’m waiting for the full set of loops from Garageband to download now so in the future I can use more.

And here is a version with added synth. Which version do you like better?

Here is a new song, written a while ago, recorded on my brand new Blue Snowflake microphone, which I am quite happy with. Much better sound quality than my internal computer microphone and very easy to set up. Enjoy!