I took the beginning of another piece I wrote (Woodland Dreams) that was a conglomeration of several of my shorter pieces and made two elaborations for string quartet.

The first contains everything up to and including the round. I initially wrote this beginning for string quartet as an intro to the round. This one is about two minutes long.


The second version only has the first two parts of the intro and then elaborates on those themes. It is also about two minutes long.

A new piece for piano, called “Is it true?”

A new piece for piano, called “They’ll come for you”.

A new piece for piano, called “I’m leaving you now.”

One morning I got the urge to make a new cello piece. So, I got out my cello, and began recording on my phone. “Callisto” was the result.

Callisto is a moon of Jupiter. The piece has three movements, each describing a characteristic of that moon.

The piece has musical inspiration from “The Planets” by Holst, particularly the “Jupiter” movement. Additionally, it takes inspiration from the musical scores to the game “Endless Space”, the movie “The Host”, and the “Star Wars” movies. Technique for writing for solo cello I learned from playing and listening to the Bach solo cello suites for years as a student.

This is the longest piece I have written for cello. If you like it, I suggest you check out my album of original cello music, “Wanderlest”, that has a half hour of shorter original compositions by me for solo cello.

Additionally, I have written out sheet music for “Callisto” in Finale; it’s a very rough version mostly for me to refer to for recording, but if you are interested, send me a message and I will send you a copy.

The recording was done in Garageband using my Blue Snowflake microphone. I may do a higher quality recording at a later date, especially if there is interest.

So, without further ado, here it is: “Callisto”


Jupiter's Moon Callisto

I. The Ridge

II. The Frost

III. The Impact