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Here is a recording of me singing The Dark Island, a melody by Iain MacLachlan. The lyrics to this version of The Dark Island were written by Stewart Ross in 1963.

I discovered to my surprise when I went to look up the lyrics to the the tune I’d learned on cello many years before that there were 2 sets of lyrics to the song. This set I first heard sung by Calum Kennedy and Fiona Kennedy on YouTube.

Here is a recording of me singing the other version, with lyrics by David Silver.

I really like this song so I wanted to record myself singing it in both of its forms.



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  1. Thanks for getting your crystal voice around my late father’s simple lyrics to ‘Dark Island; not easy unaccompanied. The problem is that there are these two main lyrics in entirely different styles to variations of the same tune – one formal and one very earnest emigration lyric. .

    My computer is presently having terrible buffering problems – but later I am going to have a listen to your own songs. I wish you all the best. Alan (from Inverness, Scotland)

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