I have found that over breaks in school, it is really nice to have a project to work on. This year I am thinking I will make some programs in C# and .NET on my Windows machine. It has been a very long time since I have used Visual Studio, so this should be a treat.

I am currently in the brainstorming ideas phase of the project; hopefully I’ll have a bit of a plan by the time break starts. I will probably do a few test programs, like, hello world, maybe implement an algorithm or two, and see about user interface designing and such, and then I will go about making some cool programs.

My current ideas are utilities for the Windows desktop. Possibly Widgets. I am considering making something to organize the desktop icons into groups, or implement a tabbed desktop sort of system, or multiple desktop interface.

I am also considering making something for the Emotiv Epoc, the EEG headset that you put on your head and then it reads your brain waves to control the computer. I think I would start with a simple launcher type utility, that can be used to make launching programs using the head set easier than controlling the mouse with head movements and clicking on the icons. I am thinking something like a gaze analysis box, that based on where you look can select one of several prearranged applications to launch.

With this, I could also have the application slots automatically populated using a determination of which applications are most frequently run when the head set is in use.

Just some ideas. One of these breaks I want to get to learning Java, too, but I think I’ll save that for a different one.

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